Being an Our-Kids Parent Means;

Being happy to have bibs from oral feedings to wash when the child has previously been only tube fed.

Being happy to have toys to pick up that have been tossed on to the floor by a previously immobile and unaware child (The 1st few things Kayda tossed to the floor got left there a long time to remind us how clever she is).

Being happy to have to tell a previously silent child that they're "talking" too much with their Big Mack.

Being happy to be woken up from a rest by a child who has found the volume control on their keyboard and pushed it to it's highest. Not once, but many times.

Having the highlight of your week be the installation of a wheelchair lift and new tie downs in your van.

I'm sure that many of you have had similar thoughts about life with a special needs child.

Written April 1, 1997

Barb, wife of Dan sailing and skiing fanatic, mother to K, age 8, hydranencephaly, spastic quad cp, gtube, visual impairment, 3 hip surgeries, story monster, hug bug and night owl.

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