One Year Ago......I Didn't Know (Cassidy's Birthday Poem)

By Cheryl Veenstra cveens@FAMILYCONNECT.COM, 9/9/1999

Cassidy Anne,

One year ago, the mountain ahead of us seemed so high.
Now, as I look down from a plateau, I marvel at the beauty I didn't expect to 

One year ago, I was so scared about what the future held for you.
Your problems only had a name, now I see only your precious face.

One year ago, I didn't know how blue your eyes would be.
Now, they sparkle and dance back at me as we adore each other.

One year ago, I listed my requests to God about your birth, health, 
Now, I smile as I realize that He answered every single one, big and small!

One year ago, I had to let you go and I couldn't even say good-bye.
Now, I know that God's arms stretch longer than mine 
and He does grant strength when there is none.

One year ago, 'normal' life seemed a thing of the past.
But this summer, we came 'full circle' as we introduced you to our summer fun!

One year ago, our family wasn't complete.
Now, your chubby little hands hold ours as we behold our three perfect gifts.

One year ago, they told me that you might not be okay.
Now, I proclaim to the world that you are just perfect!

One year ago, you had a name but we didn't know who you were....
Now, I watch in awe as you grow and touch lives just by being you!

One year ago, I couldn't imagine this day. I could hardly imagine how we 
would get
through that first week. Now, we're here and I'm so glad we're not back 

One year ago, I had no earthly idea how hard this year would be.
Now, I thank God for carrying me while I carried you. We made it sweet baby.


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