By Jessica Soukup, 10/23/98
Don't look at me with pity
Don't look with disgust
Don't think I am contagious
Don't look at my parents like they are to blame
Don't think my mom drank or took drugs
Don't think my dad hit her while I was in her tummy

Don't complain because your feet hurt
from being on them all day...
I may never know that hurt.
Don't moan because you are tired of walking
all over your office.....
I may never get that chance.
Don't get tired of talking on the phone
I may never get to speak.

Don't get mad when your child is getting into everything
when they start walking...
My parents will cry for joy.
Don't shush your child
when they are talking too much.....
My mother will cry tears of happiness for that.
Don't scold your child for kissing you too much
when you are busy.....
My dad will hug me tight for that.
My parents will believe all of this is a true miracle.

I am not dead
I am not dumb
I am not nothing
I feel
I hurt
I am in this body!
I have rights!
Don't pass me by & hang your head in sorrow..
Talk to me
Touch me
Love me

But please.......Don't

Jessica Soukup, 10/23/98
For my Keaton & all the other special Angels in this world.....the physically
& mentally disABLED, all ages & genders

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