...FORGET - ME - NOT...

Our problems are many and varied. Our struggles are always uphill.
I'm speaking for hundreds of children. So listen a while if you will.
I want understanding - not pity. I wish you could treat me the same
You wouldn't ignore other children. At least you would ask them their name
I know I can't answer to tell you. My face may seem empty and dead
My body is twisted - but I am alive. And there are thoughts in my head.
I will not be shut out from the world. I'm a child and it is my right
I'm not an object of pity - to be hidden away out of sight.
My parents see me through eyes of love. And not as others do.
They see the things I can achieve. And I wish that you would too.
As I ask you to forget-me-not, I beg you to hear my plea
If I could speak - I would ask you
To please look closer - and see me...

By Elizabeth A. Chase

Contributed to Our-Kids by Peta, Jul 15, 1996