Growing Pains

By Juby Shapiro, November 1997

Written with lots of love for my precious little girl, Chana

Just thought I'd share with you a poem I just wrote about when my neighbor's grandchildren came to "play" with Aaron and Chana yesterday.

Growing Pains

My Precious little girl
How my heart ached for you today
when you tried so hard to play with the children.
You sought to win them over with your sunshine smile.
Your sparkling blue eyes expressing the words
your lips are unable to form.
You couldn't understand when your gestures of friendship
were not reciprocated.
I saw your attempts to join in their games- games they played with your toys
which you shared with them without hesitation.
You stood by on the sidelines watching intently, enthralled with their
every word and action.
When one child fell and began to cry,
you were the one who ran to give her comfort
deeply concerned about her well-being.
And when the children left
you were saddened to see them go.
I cradled you in the safety of my arms until you smiled again.

Just thought you'd all understand....

Juby Shapiro mom to Aaron and Chana. two adorable children who have undiagnosed atypical microcephaly...and a lot of love!!!!

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