Happy Birthday       July 13 , 1999

By Cathryn Mindel, gcmindel@bellsouth.net
July 1999 

One year on this earth today ,
Your life has changed me in so many ways ,
All of the things your little body endures ,
The Doctors , the therapists ,never a time to rest ,
But you just smile and laugh ,
And seem to know its for the best.

To describe you , my baby boy ,
They use words like disabilities and special needs ,
I love and accept you for all that you are ,
But you're so much more to me.

 You have taken us down a different road ,
Than we've ever known before ,
You've taught me to accept whatever life may throw my way ,
And that you never know ,
what's behind the next door.

 So , my son , I want to thank you now ,
For all that you will teach me ,
Thank you for choosing me to be your Mother ,
And for being here with me.

                  - Cathryn Mindel

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