Jacob's Prayer

From Jacob, whose fist will never be raised in anger,

may I learn a gentle touch.

From Jacob, whose voice will never form a hateful word,

may I learn to speak kindly of others.

From Jacob, whose first smile was a rare and precious gem,

may I learn to give my smiles freely.

From Jacob, whose arms struggle to reach and cuddle,

may I learn to embrace easily and frequently.

From Jaocb, whose eyes strain to see my face,

may I learn to see the beauty in all of God's creation.

And may I learn to savor the special love that God has allowed me to


a love held so deep within the heart that I sometimes cry...for Jacob


By Julie Honeyman, September 1995, for her son, Jacob, quadraspastic

diplasia CP, hydrocephalus (VP shunt), oral defensiveness,

prethreshold ROP, seizure disorder-one of triplets (identical girls,

fraternal boy) born at 27 weeks

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