Keeping Things in Perspective

By Mary Gorman, April 1999

I hear a mother complain about her child "talking back to her" and
think... I wish my child could talk.

I see two brothers playing tag at the park and think... I wish my child
could do that.

I hear a mother complain about her daughter's choice of wardrobe and
think... I wish my child could choose and dress himself.

I see my son line up his legos and think... I wish he would build
something with them.

I complain about my child's picky eating... and think about all the
children who have to be fed through tubes.

I see my child climbing on the table... and think of the children who
can't walk or climb.

I see a child with leukemia and think... at least my child is physically

I receive from and give hugs to my son... and think of the mothers who've
never received a hug from their child.

I hear my son say "Mama" for the first time and I thank God.

I look at my son and wonder at the beautiful gift God has given me.

God only gives us as much as we can handle. Sometimes it seems as though
we cannot cope with all the struggles, but we must remember we are CHOSEN
as strong parents of very special children.

Mary Gorman
Mom to Nathan (autistic) and Jesse (speech delayed) -- 3 year old
fraternal twins, and Luke (9 months)

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