"A Lesson From A Child"

by R.D.

July 1995

Confident and matter of fact
My young son turned to me
After my explanation of what handicapped means
He said ,"G-d will make him walk, talk and see"
His innocence was bitter sweet
A million thoughts filled my head
Inevitable truths he'll soon find out 
as the cocoon of childhood is shed.
With all he'll learn that all's not fair,
And some things are not repaired
Things are lost and not returned.
People suffer from confusion and despair.
I've learned these painful things with time,
Though once I was as young.
But I looked into his bright clear eyes and saw my growing is not done.
His Steady gaze challenged me to take the faith of youth
Combined with wisdom of passing time 
And find eternal truth.
My son we must pray with all our strength
To have our prayers reach the gates of heaven up above.
For the tears of G-d's children do not go unanswered 
From the Holy One above.
To see through the eyes of one who's aged,
And trust with a child's heart.
That all G-d's ways are perfect 
And we only see a small, small part!"

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