Little Miracles

By Sue Argy,  May, 1997.

This poem was written for my daughter Jennifer Lynne, born Jan. 14, 1996, and has PVL, ROP, BPD and CP. She is the light of our life, and has become our "life's little teacher".


Little Miracles

I have a little miracle,
that I would like to share.
God has sent me an angel,
That I handle with great care.

She came too soon, she came too small.
Who would help her through it all?
I know that it is you, Lord,
You would never let us fall.

They tell me she will not walk, Lord.
Will you carry her?
They say she will not talk, Lord.
Will you speak for her?

Why do things happen,
to cause such pain?
Suffering and sorrow,
Please God, pull us from the rain.

We need a ray of sunshine,
to see the day through.
We need a bit of faith, Lord.
Can we count on you?

Please give me strength
.Please give me hope.
Let us know we're not alone.

Please let me see her future,
Is filled with hopes and dreams,
Little pink bows and carousels,
It's brighter than it seems.

You handed me a miracle,
For this I know is true.
I look into her eyes, Lord.
Dark skies turn into blue.

I see that ray of sunshine,
I feel that you are there.
I know that it is with your love,
You lift us up with care.

Thank you for my miracle,
And all that you have done.
To give me strength, to give your love,
To show us your bright sun.

My ray of sunshine has come through,
As I hold her in my arms.
My faith has grown but stronger, Lord.
As I cherish her great charms.

You have handed me a miracle,
A tiny little miracle.

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