by Debbie Wilson

May 5, 1996


Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is...Loss. I travel
throughout the universe with a very specific job description. I have several
friends that either travel with me or on their own. Their names are Pain,
Suffering, Grief, Disappointment, Unfairness and Depression. I wanted all of
you to understand the role that we play. We are all a part of what is known
as...the cycle of life. We do not select our visited because they are more
deserving of heart-ache than others. Our job is not to punish,it is just to
carry out what is to be. You have not been singled out to be hurt or
punished, even though I know you may have thought so. Instead it is a matter
of placement, timing, chance and influence.
You see we start visiting you when you are first born. The first time you
experience me is when you are taken from the womb of your mother. I am the
one that visited you when you lost...your first front tooth. I was also
there when you lost...your first race. I was the one that visited you each
time you...had your heart broken. You see I have been a part of your
life...since the minute you were born. Sometimes my damage was easier to
recover from than other times. I noticed when it was difficult for you...but
I could not intervene. I knew that I not only had a job to do, but you were
in the middle of the molding process. You are the person that you are today
because I visited you. Some of you have handled me easier than others, but
all of you have grown as a result of my visits.
There are so many people out there who have been touched by your
experiences. Your influence was far more reaching than just to yourself or
your immediate family. There have been lives changed that you will never
even know about, as a result of my visits to you. It was not just you that
needed molding but others as well. I just wanted to take the time to
thank-you for helping to mold the universe.
by: Debbie Wilson
Chris and Debbie Wilson
on the island of Oahu,somewhere in the South Pacific...

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