My Beautiful Madelyn!

By CindySue, June 1997


You had a rough start, no doubt
all the tubes and wires about...
I was so scared and all alone
all my poor heart could do was moan...
You managed to pull through just fine
now you were really mine.
My beautiful Madelyn!
Who would know your great big smile
so warm and tender all the while...
I knew there was something not quite right
but the doctors told me I shouldn't fright...
This thing they called CP
oh no, how could this happen to me...
My beautiful Madelyn!
Each day I look and pray for more
hoping you will get up and off the floor...
My heart aching for you to be
just like all the other kids we see..
I know your brightness will not die
your curly blonde hair and big blue eyes...
My beautiful Madelyn!
People pass you by and see
what a special girl you must be
for God above made you for me!
My beautiful Madelyn!
-------------- Author's Notes --------------
I wrote this about my beautiful daughter who is 18 months and was diagnosed
with CP hypotonic diplegia back in February of this year. I just want to
express how special she really is!


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