"No Longer Alone"
Written April 10 1996
Copyright 1996, Lori Kutnink

I stood at the fork in the road and I could no longer move. I could feel a
loss from within. I felt so alone.
I felt weakend and then I felt a kindered spirit, but I could not see it. I
some how felt a small speck of hope.
I felt ashamed of my failures and then I felt a gentle hand reach to me and
touch my shoulder, but I could not see it. I some how knew I was not alone
I felt fear of the unknown, and then I felt a hand take mine. But I could
see no one. I somehow knew I could face the fear now.
I felt drained and withered, and then I felt a hug. I could see no one
around me. But I knew now I could go on.
I shed a tear and it rolled down my cheek. And then I felt a tear of
another. But I saw no one. I felt I could be whole again
I walked forwared and I knew I would not walk alone. I heard the whispers of
many in my ear "We are here."
This is to you my friends my kindered spirit. I can not see you, but I know
you are here.
Lori Kutnink married to Merlin (Mert)
Patrick 20, Andrew 18, Christopher 16,Nicole 11, Jason 9, Kelsey 6
lorik@rconnect.com Box 89 Welcome Minnesota 56181
Channel Manager of #our-kids "For Parents and Caregivers of Special Needs Kids"

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