To My Son

By Anne MacLellan, October 1998

You are seen only as a problem
that cannot be managed
or fitted neatly into a narrow box.

I see you as a young boy
who doesn't always understand
as you navigate through foreign seas.

Graham, let me be your keel
as I try to interpret for you
as I try to understand.
When no one feels you are important,
I will insist your life has meaning.

Although I can't always fathom your autism
because I see the world
through a different set of eyes,
I will stand beside you
as we face the empty ones
who would deny your humanity.

Anne - mother of Elisabeth (11) & Graham (8) severe autism, developmental delay, XYY male, severe sensory integrative dysfunction, nonverbal & AAC user
Our Kids Outreach/ living in Toronto, Canada
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