To Whom It May Concern:

By William W. Joslin, July 1997

Here is a poem I wrote for my son a couple weeks ago. I hope you like it.

To Whom it May Concern:

I'm just a little boy,
I am only 8,
But, so much has happened,
My life hasn't been so great,
I have feelings,
Even though I can't talk,
I need someone to love me,
Even if I can't walk,
I need someone to hold me,
Instead of leaving me in my chair,
Please won't someone,
Please show me that you care,
I wake up every morning,
Wondering if the pain will ever go away,
Maybe someday I will grow up,
And this will all be part of yesterday,
My body may not be perfect,
But, there's nothing wrong with my heart,
Why was my happiness over,
Before it had a chance to start?
I have so much love to offer,
Don't you understand?
Instead of leaving me in my crib,
Won't you just hold my hand?
I only want to be a real boy,
To be everything that I can be,
I have unlimited potential,
Even if I cannot see,
I go to sleep each night,
Wondering if anyone really even cares,
And then when I need you,
You are never there,
Some people think I'm bad,
But, that is not true,
All I ever wanted,
Was some love from you,
I'm not asking for a lot,
Just a little love,
And since you haven't given it,
I prayed to God above,
God I need a favor,
Please fill my life with joy,
Please take away my pain,
Because God, I'm just a little boy.
Dear God,
I just wanted to say thank-you,
For whatever it is that you did,
I feel like a "real" boy,
Like any other kid.
Someone came into my life,
Everyone calls him dad,
The life that I have now,
Is much better than the one that I had,
Everyday he says he loves me,
And I believe that this is true,
And Dear God, I owe it,
I owe it all to you,
He gives me hugs when I need it,
He never sticks me in my chair,
And whenever I need someone,
I know my daddy will be there,
Even though I can't talk,
He knows what I want to say,
Every morning I wake up,
Looking forward to each day,
My daddy got me something,
He said would help me walk,
And now he said he's trying,
To get something to help me talk,
My daddy says I'm smart enough,
And I believe that this is true,
And Dear God I owe it,
I owe it all to you.
--Special Parents of Special Kids--

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