Welcome Into My Heart, Cassidy Anne

By Cheryl Veenstra, cherylv@gosignup.com, 6/13/1998

Cassidy Anne,

Do you know that Daddy & Mommy love you?
We heard news from the doctor this week that at first was hard to bear.
But God is filling our hearts with peace and comfort.
He will be here with our family as we welcome you into this world.

Do you know how long we have prayed for you?
We have ached for a new baby to love and cherish.
God chose you and His perfect timing to bless our lives.
We count it a special honor to be entrusted with your care & blessed by your 

Do you know that we can't wait to hold you?
We are anxious for the day when they lay you in our arms.
We will never let you go.
You are a most precious gift from God, who picked you to be in our family.

Do you know that God made you special?
He fashioned your body and mind with a reason and a purpose.
He gave you a beautiful heart, unique personality and precious spirit
that will help you overcome any limitations here on earth.

Do you know that I treasure your every move inside of me?
In the midst of tears, you nudge me and remind me you're still here.
We will not let the sadness overwhelm our joy of you,
We will not let the fear hide our anticipation of watching His plan unfold.

Do you know that we will always take care of you?
No matter what the future holds.
We will do everything we can to help you, provide for you, support you and 
love you.
No mountain is too high. No handicap is too hard.

Do you know how many lives you have already touched?
So many prayers are flowing towards heaven, just for you.
Your life is so important and will teach us so much about Him.
You will light up our lives by your mere presence and smiles.

Do you know that God is saving a warm place for you on His lap?
As you come into this harsh world, the feel of His touch 
and the songs of the angels will slowly fade from your memory.
But someday you will run into Jesus' arms once again 
and He will make you whole forever.

With all my hope and love,

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