I said he was not whole
    But I wonder what I meant.
    He cannot walk
       or talk
       or perform any life skill
    But he can giggle
       and cry
       and flirt;
    He expresses - and attracts -
    His body and mind, though constrained,
    "Successfully shelter his human soul
     And will do so throughout his entire life."
    This -
       most human,
       most godlike -
    I can affirm.
    He is greater than his parts.
    He is not disabled in his soul.
  • --Cherry Winkle Moore (STR005@UKCC.UKY.EDU)
    February 6, 1993

    *The line in quotes is from Christina Baldwin in her book Life's Companion:

    Journal Writing in the Spiritual Quest.

    This poem was written about my son, Lew, 15. Lew definitly steals hearts. He can do very little else, but if you're ever around him, watch out. You are in danger of losing a major organ. (Know anyone like that? I rather suspect you do.)

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