Why People Should Treat the disabled Kindly

by Elizabeth Smith
May 1999

Here's a drawing & story that I did in school recently.
The assignment was, if you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

kindly.jpg (18112 bytes)
I believe people should treat the disabled kindly. If they're not mean to you, you should not be mean to them. Also, being kind to them would make you a
better person. You would be setting an example for others. I truly believe you should treat the disabled kindly. Most of the disabled people are born with
their diseases. Some of the diseases they could get are Cyrabal Palsy, Otism, and down syndrome. The diseases they get can affect the way they act and
feel towards other people. Because of their diseases they can't control the way they are. If you ever see a disabled person and you don't know what to
say or do to them, just a nice Hello or Hi would cheer them up. If your friends start to tease them, try to convince them not to do it any more, because
disabled people have feelings too. I strongly believe that everyone should treat the disabled kindly

Written by Elizabeth at age 11.  Elizabeth may be reached through her father, Brian at smith@ecis.com

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