Our-Kids: Homemade Equipment

Wheelchair Sunshade

August 1999

Courtesy of Bruce and Joyce, bjharvey@bestweb.net, parents of Dean

Below is a picture of a sunshade we put together for Dean while in his wheelchair. Its not the best picture, but it gives you an idea. It works great for us!! 

We used the plain, white PVC pipe, cut and spray painted. We heated the pieces that come up from the back of the chair to bend slightly forward.  We heated it up right over the flame of the stove and just held onto it with a gloved hand and slowly bent it.  The part held over the flame gets a little blackened, but it doesn't matter, cause its after you do all the shaping and cutting that you spray paint it.  

Used one of those flags you buy to hang out in front of your house, threaded it thru the one piece across the back, and velcro it to the furthest part of the front, upper pipes.  The frame was secured to the chair using existing holes in the chair handles.

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