Betty and Daisy

The Our-Kids-Adults list was started by Betty in January 1999 after she and Daisy had moved from California to Minnesota. After years of struggling with the system to provide services for her daughter and a foster child with severe disabilities, she arrived in Minnesota to find a bewilderingly complex system. Other families on the Our-Kids list were seeking answers to similar questions on supported living, supported employment, and most important of all, how to situate children with significant needs so they will be happy, safe and secure when we no longer can provide for them.

Betty now works as a special education teacher in Minnesota and participates in the Steering Committee for System Redesign hoping to affect legislation to provide better supports for individuals with developmental disabilities in Minnesota. Daisy works in a day training center called Opportunity Partners and is in the Career Quest program where she works in community businesses in a group setting. She has been exploring various living and work situations since they arrived in Minnesota August 1997.

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